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Hello, and welcome to my writing and editing company!

Who I Am

I’m Teresa Meek, a Seattle writer and editor. With 15 years’ experience in communications, I’ve written hundreds of articles for high-circulation publications and websites on almost every topic imaginable, some of them highly technical.

I’ve also created marketing materials and press releases for business clients. Recently I published an ebook on Amazon summing up all the lessons I’ve learned about how to write effective copy: Say It With Feeling! Business Writing in the Internet Age.  I also have an author page on BookLikes.

I don’t know why–maybe it’s the Irish in me–but I’ve been in love with the written word since I was a kid stringing together the pages of my “books” with yarn.

I cut my teeth in the writing business as a reporter for the Miami Herald, where I spent six years writing deadline stories about crime and crazy politics, the struggles of small businesses, the inner workings of tight-knit ethnic communities, and the sparkling jewel that is Everglades National Park. Sometimes I did investigative work that landed on the front page. Sometimes I wrote about people nobody ever heard of, people who chose to live miles from nowhere in an off-the-grid flood zone where they built their own boardwalk over the mud and thought the peace they gained was worth it.

What I Do

No matter what I do, my goal is always the same: To tell a good story, to find the key beneath the rock, the telling detail, the revealing quote, or the striking image that draws readers into a story and makes them keep reading. Here are a few client comments:

As the Creative Director of a full service marketing and design agency, I’m always on the lookout for professional and talented copywriters to add to our team. Teresa not only exceeded my expectations for her writing abilities, but also for her professionalism, warmth and enthusiasm. When working with Teresa, you will experience that wonderful combination of someone who truly cares with the expertise to help you get your message across! –  Katherine Porfilio, Creative Director, Creative Field Media

I  would recommend her for any sort of sales copy-writing work in a heartbeat. You can’t go wrong.–Matt Heusser, CEO, Excelon Development

Your articles performed excellently. The company hasn’t had this much organic traffic in a couple of years, which resulted in more leads.- Sophie Monroe

I’m using the same solid writing techniques, whether I’m writing sponsored content for a Fortune 500 company, a blog post, a press release, a technical document, or a marketing brochure.

My strength is creating compelling copy that will draw customers to your business or site and make you stand out without resorting to the hype that so many writers use–even though it really scares customers away.

And producing copy that will explain your business’s technical material simply, clearly, and concisely.

The material I write–or help you write as a thoughtful and creative editor–will send customers to you, and away from your less savvy competitors.

Some of the services I offer include:

  • Marketing, marketing communications, online marketing, social media marketing, email marketing
  • News stories, feature stories, blog posts, video scripts
  • Web copy , corporate copy, advertising copy
  • Technical documentation and editing

Feel free to browse this site and read some of my portfolio pieces, hear what readers have to say about my writing, or scan my resume.

How I Can Help You

Communication is so important. You may have a product or service that can change the world–or simply make someone’s day a little brighter and easier. But if you can’t clearly communicate its value, it does no good. You’re hiding your light under a bushel–and missing out on a horde of potential customers.

Let me help you find them. Put my writing and editing skills to work for your business or website so that customers will not only understand what you do, but seek you out. Effective communication can make them do that, and I can provide it.

Your business acumen. My writing expertise. It’s a perfect partnership.

Drop me a line today about your writing needs. Or give me a call at 425.298-7164. Consults are free, and I’ll listen carefully and design a communications plan to help take your business to the next level–the one you thought you couldn’t reach.