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Making Smart Buildings Easier

AI Technology Unites Physical and Digital Banking

Ed Tech Opens New Markets

AI Powers Retail Profits and Security

2,000 Days: The CIO’s World in 2025

Forbes Insights/VMware

2,000 Days: A Roadmap for the CIO of 2025

Forbes Insights/VMware

data governance

Data Governance: Controlling your Information in a World of Digital Transformation

Forbes Insights/Hitachi Vantara

AI agriculture

Is AI in Agriculture a Force for the Good?

Forbes AI Intel Insights

predictive artificial intelligence in factories

AI Keeps Factories Up When Power Goes Down

Intel Nexcom


AI’s Next Big Steps

Forbes Intel AI BrandVoice


software innovation helps companies build dream teams

How Software Innovation Helps Companies Build Dream Teams

Forbes Smartsheet BrandVoice


smart shelves

Smart Shelves Bring Customer Analytics to Store Aisles



telecom technology

Telecoms Are In A Tight Spot. Can Tech Save Them?

Forbes Intel AI Voice


Smartsheet work management platform

Smartsheet Innovations Make Work Management More Efficient

Forbes Smartsheet BrandVoice


AI, 5G, and the IoT

A Smarter World: How AI, the IoT, and 5G Will Make All the Difference

Forbes Intel AI Voice

smart lighting and hvac

Brilliant Buildings: Beyond Energy Savings



connected factory worker

Wearables Keep Workers Connected, Factories Humming



the internet of things and mass transit


How the Internet of Things is Transforming Mass Transit


Hannover Messe

6 Amazing Ideas from Hannover Messe


How the Internet of Things is Revolutionizing the Factory


cyber monday crime

5 Cyber Monday Scams that could Spoil Your Shopping Spree

Forbes CenturyLink Voice

Hacker revenge

Hacker Revenge Inspires Company’s Security Vigilance

web app attacks

Web App Attacks Are Preventable, But They Just Won’t Die

Forbes Akamai Voice

enterprise apps for workers

Enterprises Buy Sleek New Apps Just for their Workers

Forbes Dell Technologies Voice


tiny tech companies worth watching

Small But Mighty: 3 Tiny Tech Companies Worth Watching

Forbes CenturyLink Voice

using artificial intelligence in auditing

Artificial Intelligence Comes to Auditing

Forbes Workday Voice


risk-based security plan

Protect Critical Data with a Risk-Based Security Plan

ForbesEY Cybersecurity Voice

security operations center

Why Your Business Needs a Security Operations Center

ForbesEY Cybersecurity Voice

outsourcing cybersecurity

Outsourcing Cybersecurity: When and How to Get Help

ForbesEY Cybersecurity Voice

IT and board work together on cybersecurity

4 Ways for IT and the Board to Nail Cybersecurity

ForbesEY Cybersecurity Voice

computer-driven car liability

Who Is Responsible for Accidents in Computer-Driven Cars?

 Forbes CenturyLink Voice


role of the system administrator

The Thankless, Complex Role of System Administrator

 Insight Enterprises


cybersecurity threats

6 Cybersecurity Threats that Keep CIOs Up at Night

 Forbes CenturyLink Voice


car manufacturing computer simulation

A Race to Replace: How Swapping Steel for Composites Will Make Cars More Efficient

Published by Forbes, sponsored by Indiana Economic Development Council

smart streetlights

What Smart Streetlights Can Do

Published by Forbes, sponsored by Intel and Cicso

smart lighting

What Smart Lighting Can Do

Published by Forbes, sponsored by Intel and Cicso


cognitive computing

Cognitive Computing: When Machines Think Like Humans

Published by Forbes OpenText Voice


Cloud application security

The Brave New World of Cloud Application Security

Published by Forbes Workday Voice

robots, factory of the future

When Your Colleague Is A Robot

Published by Forbes Huawei Voice

Hancock Building technology

How One of America’s Tallest Buildings Keeps Cool

Published by Forbes Dell Voice

restaurant drive-through technology

Restaurant Drive-Through Technology Gets Its Game On

Published by Restaurant Technology magazine

What an Enterprise Should Consider Before a Tablet Rollout

Published by

How to Run a Data-Driven Organization

Published by

Can Your Office Phones Be Hacked?

Published by


3 Business Travel Headaches (And How Technology Can Ease Them)

 Published by

Windows 10

How Windows 10 Secures Your Company’s Confidential Information


Windows 10 government technology

Windows 10 Modernizes Government Technology



workflow tools

3 Questions to Ask Before Choosing Workflow Tools

 Published by

cloud collaboration

 Cloud Collaboration Dominance: Not If, But When

 Published by

tech hotel

Hi-Tech Hotels Entertain Guests, Customize Experience

 Published by Forbes Samsung Voice

data control with hybrid IT

3 Keys to Data Control in a Hybrid IT World

 Published by Forbes NetApp Voice


Does the Stylus Have a Future in the Enterprise?

 Published by

new apps for productivity

5 New Mobile Apps for Business

 Published by

 BlackLine CEO Therese Tucker

BlackLine CEO Therese Tucker

Performance Metrics: A New Twist on Big Data

 Published by Dell Tech Page One

Face Movies Ira Kemelmacher-Shlizerman

Face Movies inventor explains how she did it.

My video interview with the lady who invented Picassa’s Face Movies. You can’t see me or hear my voice, but I was the journalist who did the interview.

car sensors

In-Car Sensors Put Insurers in the Driver’s Seat

Forbes PTC Voice


efficiency apps

How to Be More Efficient with Apps for Work or Home

Published by Forbes Delta Business Travel blog

flexible display

Flexible Display: On its Way to Your Next Phone or Tablet. Or Maybe Not.

Published online by Smartbear Software.


multiple personalities

Usability: Designing for “Multiple Personalities”

Published online by Hewlett-Packard.

Computer hairball

Yuck! Computer Repair Horror Stories, and 7 Tips to Avoid Being Next

Published online by Hewlett-Packard.

Computer Science mismatch1

The Computer Science Mismatch

Published online by Smartbear Software.


math nerds vs. code monkeys

Math Nerds Vs. Code Monkeys: Should Computer Science Classes Be More Practical?

Published online by Smartbear Software.

The following articles were published online by Hewlett-Packard but are no longer in the online archive. (Hewlett-Packard closed this site after an $8.8 billion writedown in 2012.)

  • Dot-WHAT?! How Exotic TLDs and the new gTLDs are Changing the Rules of Domains
  • Mud that Sticks: Managing Your Reputation in the Internet Age
  • The Future of Machine Translation