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I am a professional writer, mostly journalism and blogging -- yet when I decided to revamp my website and create sales material, I hired Teresa. This sort of work was speculative to me; thousands of people would see my website, and I hoped that a handful would take the next step. In that world, the difference between a 0.1% conversion rate and a 0.3% conversion is huge--tens of thousands of dollars in my pocket or more. Teresa took my long words, designed for a different audience, and shortened them, got to the point, found my compelling business advantages, and made them shine.

I  would recommend her for any sort of sales copy-writing work in a heartbeat. You can't go wrong.--Matt Heusser, CEO, Excelon Development


I wanted to let you know that your articles performed excellently. The company hasn't had this much organic traffic in a couple of years, which resulted in more leads.- Sophie Monroe



Teresa's superb editing skills leave no grammatical stone left unturned. Her professionalism and confidence really shine, and her friendly nature means that she works well within teams. She is also an excellent speaker who creates engaging, highly researched presentations. As a skilled editor and writer, Teresa would bring great value to any organization. I highly recommend her.--Jamie Eby, technical writer, Microsoft

Teresa Meek is an accomplished news reporter who has skillfully handled every freelance assignment that we've tossed her way, on topics ranging from real estate to health care to beverage distribution. In each case, she has delved into a complex, fast-changing trend and produced a lucid, many-sourced, readable and balanced piece of journalism. She offers a rare combination of high-level reporting skill and willingness to work hard. We assign stories to her pretty much whenever we can - Steve Goldsmith, Assistant Managing Editor, Puget Sound Business Journal

As the Creative Director of a full service marketing and design agency, I'm always on the lookout for professional and talented copywriters to add to our team. Teresa not only exceeded my expectations for her writing abilities, but also for her professionalism, warmth and enthusiasm. When working with Teresa, you will experience that wonderful combination of someone who truly cares with the expertise to help you get your message across!--Katherine Porfilio, Creative Director, Creative Field Media

I've hired Teresa to do public relations for my companies and she has been amazing. She has written fantastic press releases that have been picked up by some high-level industry magazines. Teresa is an excellent writer who has a wealth of experience.--Brian Greenberg, CEO, True Blue Life Insurance

Teresa is thoroughly knowledgeable, trustworthy, and a delight to work with. I would put her in the top 5% of professionals I have worked with in my career and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone or to work with her again. She will make a difference... do not hesitate to work with her.--David Wallis, partner, Wallis, Bowers LLC

I enjoyed reading your blog, Teresa. You have great writing talent and I look forward to reading more of your work. -- Barbara B. Bradley, Norfolk, VA

Teresa has been a valuable addition to our law firm. She is creative and commercially minded and is able to produce excellent copy time and time again.
I highly recommend Teresa for editorial work particularly for websites and for company’s marketing material.--Yair Cohen, Internet Law Experts, London, England

Teresa writes well and delivers on-time: She's clear, concise, and doesn't use unnecessary jargon. She also comes up with great ideas for features. Highly recommended.

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative -- Richi Jennings, editor, Hewlett-Packard

You have a fabulous writing style that not only combines a tremendous amount of information, but never reads as dry and boring, as facts and figures can have a tendency to do!  -- Lucy Dickson, Kauai, HI

Terrific newsletter! You are such an interesting writer, your sense of description and detail is so good. – Beverly Olsen, Kauai, HI

Your newsletters always bring back the sights and sounds of the island.  Those parts of the island stay with you. – Susi Huggins, Kennesaw, GA

In my opinion as a mainlander, you have done an excellent job of explaining current economic, real estate, and development issues affecting Kauai. I would very much like to be included on your newsletter e- mail list. –  Robert Taylor, mainland reader

WOW - this was a terrific, informative newsletter!!!  Thanks!!  – Buzz and Carolyn Lenahan, Chico, CA

I've just started reading Barack Obama's book, The Audacity of Hope. The book is a delight because he's so well-organized, such a fine writer, and a pleasure to spend time with. I just finished reading Teresa Meek's, "Kauai Newsletter". The newsletter is a delight because she's so well-organized, such a fine writer, and a pleasure to spend time with. Thank you. - Jack Wanamaker, Nevada City, NV